Truckmixer chute upgrade to TruckFlex: 4 x wear life (and still operational)

“Although the Seamless Sleeve charge chute lasted a good length of time, the TruckFlex has been fantastic. It’s eradicated the hidden costs and downtime associated with changing the charge chutes. Because it’s lasted so long, it’s also reduced the need to work at height, which makes the job a lot safer.” Mark Bates

The Challenge

Seamless Sleeve rubber truckmixer charge chutes at Mark Bates & Sons Ltd dry batch plant required replacement every 1.5 years. Despite the long wear life, every time a chute needed changing it required one hour of downtime, £250 labour costs and time consuming administration associated with working at height. To reduce the risk of working at height and further reduce the costs and downtime when changing the chute, we recommended upgrading to TruckFlex.

Our Solution

TruckFlex truckmixer charge chute


Seamless Sleeve: 1.5 years wear life
TruckFlex: 6 years wear life and still operational

  • 1.5 years
    previous wear life
  • 6 years+
    TruckFlex wear life

Project Details

Key features

Dual layer Hawiflex® polyurethane combats abrasion from concrete & tearing caused by trucks


Cost effective – low whole life cost
Productivity – reduced maintenance downtime installing new chutes
Safety – reduced need to work at height
Wear indicator – bi-colour wear indicator alerts operators when the chute needs replacing
Operator friendly – high visibility colouring ensures better truck positioning

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