Accurately repeating the designated mix design, batch after batch, helps achieve production of consistently high quality concrete. Relatively modest investments in the batching process can provide transformational improvement which is felt throughout the whole production process.

  • Ensure required constituents reach the mix cycle, improving quality and consistency
  • Minimise built in margins of error, such as over cementing or extended mix times, reducing costs
  • Safeguard reputation with customers due to reduced reject batches

Related Case Study


Hydronix achieves significant CO2 and financial savings at busy readymix plant

A leading readymix producer was using an average moisture figure when weighing out raw materials. After installing Hydronix, the client reported an average reduction of 26kg of cement per cubic metre of concrete, with annual cement savings equivalent to £185,000 and 1,030 tonnes of CO2.

  • £185,000
    annual saving
  • 1030t
    annual CO2 saving
  • 2460%
    Return On Investment

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