“Starclean has been an outstanding success, performing better than all other scrapers we’ve previously tried. Carryback was causing us a lot of time consuming, costly problems and these have now been solved. The scraper looks after itself, we haven’t had to touch it since it was fitted, so it looks like we’ve finally found a long term, low maintenance solution to belt cleaning. We will be standardising on Starclean in future.” – Production Manager

The Challenge:

A large sand and gravel pit handling 0-5 mm grit was experiencing serious carryback problems caused by an ineffective belt scraper. This led to conveyor belt mistracking, premature component wear, loss of material and significant clean-up costs with attendant safety concerns.

Our Solution:

Starclean 53sn secondary cleaner with integrated PU primary lip in underbelt location with 800 series quick release tensioner


Belt now spotlessly clean. No maintenance required since installation


Key Features

  • Integrated PU lip acts as a pre-clean to remove heavier carryback
  • High efficiency tungsten blades remove fines and moisture
  • Every blade tensioned against the belt independently of each other
  • Quick release tensioner & slot-in blades allow maintenance in seconds

Whole Life Cost – blades showing virtually no wear after 6 months

Wastage – carryback eliminated, loss of product avoided

Maintenance – no more expensive service contracts

Safety – less working at height, reduced clean-up and dust exposure
Productivity – plant efficiency improved

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