Centrax powerfully steers belt back into alignment

“This belt has always suffered from severe mistracking. We have tried to solve the problem in a number of different ways but nothing has worked. Since we fitted Centrax, mistracking has completely disappeared. It just goes to show how effective Centrax is, as this was a really challenging application.” Production Manager

The Challenge:

A 1200mm wide conveyor belt at a busy concrete plant was causing problems due to constant mistracking. The wandering belt was compromising performance of the scraper, creating material spillage, accelerating belt wear and causing structural damage due to the belt rubbing through the steel structure.

Our Solution:

A single Centrax SRG1200 tracker roller on the return strand

The Improvement:

Belt now correctly aligned, all tracking-related issues solved

  • "Effective"
    Mistracking disappeared

Project Details

Key Features:

  • Diamond-cut rubber lagging creates high friction, even when wet Centrax powerfully steers belt back into alignment immediately
  • Dust-tight, guaranteed maintenance-free bearing



Less downtime  – productivity improved through less disruption

Wastage – less waste, more saleable product remains in process

Safety – clean, safe working environment with less harmful dust

Cost saving – preventative maintenance to protect conveyor belt

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