ConeFlex: Chute liner solves cleaning and loading problems

“Concrete used to really stick in the chute. It was very difficult to remove as it was hard to get at. I had to spend hours every week keeping on top of it. Since we fitted ConeFlex there is no build up at all as concrete doesn’t stick to it. It has made my job a lot easier. I can load trucks faster and we haven’t lost any production while clearing blockages.” Plant Foreman

The Challenge:

The wet chute under a pan mixer discharge door had been causing problems for years. Gradual concrete build up slowed mixer discharge and increased truckmixer loading times. On busy days the chute would block altogether bringing the plant to a stop.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® ConeFlex conical discharge chute liner

The Improvement:

Constant build up and regular blockage completely eradicated

  • Eradicate
    Constant build up and regular blockage

Project Details

Key features:

  • “Non stick” surface
  • Wear indicator extends life by up to 3 times


Productivity – truckmixer load times reduced

Installation – simply drops into steel chute

Safety – light weight, easy to fit and maintain

Wear indicator – allows rotation as impact zone wears

Cleaning – saves hours every week

Downtime – better plant reliability, better customer service

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