Mixer Discharge: Less disruption, more production

ConeFlex conical discharge chute liner

“The discharge chute used to be a major headache. No matter what we did, it constantly blocked up. Since installing ConeFlex almost six and a half years ago, it hasn’t needed any adjustment and we’ve not had a single blockage. Wash down at the end of the shift also only takes a few minutes. I can’t believe how effective it is. It was also cheaper than the steel alternative!”   Wayne Clent, Works Manager

 The Challenge:

A concrete discharge chute under the mixer at block producer, Bromfield Sand & Gravel, was constantly blocking, disrupting production. Their dry stiff mix caused severe build up, which could only be prevented by manual cleaning every hour.

Our Solution:

ConeFlex abrasion-resistant conical chute liner


Constant build up and regular blockage completely eradicated
6.5 years trouble-free service life. Still operational. No adjustments required

  • No Blockages
    6.5 years trouble-free service life

Project Details

Key Features

Low-friction non-stick Hawiflex® PU provides an easy to clean surface and extended wear life


Productivity – less disruption, more production
Safety – light weight, safer to install and maintain
Cleaning – saves hours of wasted time every week
Operator friendly – no more struggling to clean an inaccessible chute

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