Mixer Discharge: Less disruption, more production

ConeFlex conical discharge chute liner

“The holding hopper used to be a major headache. No matter what we did it constantly blocked up. As soon as we installed ConeFlex the problem went away completely, we have not had a single blockage and wash down at the end of the shift only takes a few minutes. I can’t believe how effective it is. It was also cheaper than the steel alternative!” – Works Manager

 The Challenge:

A concrete holding hopper under the mixer at a high quality block producer was constantly blocking solid, disrupting production. Their dry, stiff mix caused severe build up, which could only be prevented by manual cleaning every hour. Could one of ConSpare’s innovative new products solve such a challenging problem?

Our Solution:

ConeFlex conical discharge chute liner. Seamless Hawiflex® cone, tailor made to site dimensional requirements


Constant build up and regular blockage completely eradicated

  • No Blockages
    Since installing ConeFlex

Project Details

Key Features

  • “Non stick”, easy clean surface. Two colour wear indicator for longer life


Productivity – less disruption, more production
Safety – light weight, safer to install and maintain
Wear indicator – alerts operators to rotate as impact zone wears
Cleaning – saves hours of wasted time every week
Operator friendly – no more struggling to clean inaccessible chute

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