SafePoint Failsafe Rotary Switch: Safe silo-overfill protection

“We wanted to reduce the need to visit the silo roof without compromising the risk of overfill. SafePoint has allowed us to achieve both.” Transport & Production Manager

The Challenge:

Cement silo filling at a major readymixed concrete producer was causing concern. The serious consequences of silo overfill and subsequent safety hazards to protect the environment were a major issue. Traditional level switches required silo roof visits for testing, creating additional risks for staff.

Our Solution:

Monitor SafePoint

The Improvement:

Client decided to replace all traditional level switches with SafePoint in 2008. As a result, no overfills have occurred and safer operator procedures have been introduced.

  • Failsafe
    No overfills and safe operation

Project Details

Key Features:

  • Failsafe operation


Safe Operation helps prevent overfill

Safe Staff minimise visits to silo roof and working at height

Environmental Protection fewer emissions

Plant Protection protect filter, silo and prv

User Friendly high visibility LED operation indicator

Cost Effective 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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