Table liner adjustment made a thing of the past

Vibration Table Liners - Dense Blocks

“The performance of our UltraTungsten table liners is outstanding. We are a high production plant and it is remarkable that after 5 years operation there are no signs of wear at all. The tungsten copes well with such a harsh environment and has never cracked. We have saved hundreds of hours of downtime. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” – Works Manager

The Challenge:

Vibration table liners on a concrete block machine producing high quality dense blocks were experiencing severe abrasion. Case hardened steel liners were struggling to cope with the demands of high volume production leading to a host of costly problems.

Our Solution:

UltraTungsten carbide protected vibration table liners


Case hardened steel: 5 hours of adjustment every 3 months
UltraTungsten: No adjustment in over 5 ½ years operation

  • 5 ½ years
    No adjustment required
  • 100+
    Maintenance hours saved

Project Details

Key Features

  • 95 Rockwell hardness. Extreme abrasion resistance


Efficiency – over 100 maintenance hours saved, more production
Safety – less intervention in confined space
Product Consistency – better dimensional accuracy
Installation – identical thickness so easy to set up
Pallets – low friction, level surface prevents damage

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