TruckFlex Charge Chute: 90% reduction in working at height

“We were constantly buying new rubber charge chutes,which was expensive, but the hidden cost, involved with changing chutes and all of the paperwork,was far higher. TruckFlex has saved us thousands of pounds and is safer into the bargain.”               Area Maintenance Engineer

The Challenge:

Rubber truckmixer charge chutes on a busy readymixed concrete plant required constant replacement causing too much downtime. Abrasive aggregate plus tearing caused by variable height trucks took their toll. Compliance with working at height regulations lead to expensive hire charges and time consuming administration when changing chutes.

Our Solution:

TruckFlex Truckmixer Charge Chute

The Improvement:

Rubber Charge Chute: 3 months

TruckFlex Charge Chute: 31 months and still operational

  • Rubber
    3 months
  • TruckFlex
    31 months and still operational

Project Details

Key features:

  • New dual layer Hawiflex® solves both problems
  • 1.5mm thick outer shell: maximum tear resistance, low friction
  • 3.5mm thick inner core: highly wear resistant, extra flexible


Cost effective – lowest cost per cubic metre

Minimise Maintenance – reduce maintenance downtime

Improve Plant Availability – avoid plant closure

Better Safety – less working at height, 40% lighter

High Visibility – batchers and drivers prefer TruckFlex

Wear Indicator – visual indication for early warning

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