UltraTungsten Pan Mixer Blade: Subcontract labour costs reduced by 50%

“I used to have my mixers serviced by our subcontractor every 6 weeks. Since we started using the ConSpare UltraTungsten blades, we only need to have them serviced every 12 weeks. That adds up to a big saving”. Area Operations Manager

The Challenge:

Cast steel mixing blades in a pan mixer making readymixed concrete needed constant adjustment and replacement leading to high contractor charges. Excessive blade wear causing mix quality problems and leading to increased cleaning time.

Our Solution:

UltraTungsten – eco-friendly recycled tungsten


Mixer servicing costs reduced by 50%

UltraTungsten blades lasted 10 times longer than cast

  • 10x
    longer lasting than cast

Project Details

Key features:

  • Extreme abrasion resistance


Maintenance – every 12 weeks rather than every 6 weeks

Cost Saving – lowest cost per metre

Safety – less confined space working

Cleaning – mixer cleaning made quicker and simpler

Mix Quality – blade retains shape to prevent mix deterioration

Environmental – tungsten is recycled and can be repaired

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