UltraTungsten Planetary Mixer Blade: Blade maintenance cut by 90%

“UltraTungsten mixer blades have really helped us improve our efficiency. We were always replacing the rubber blades, and now they just seem to last forever which simplifies the maintenance. The mixer performs better as blade settings are maintained.” Maintenance Foreman

The Challenge:

Premature wear meant rubber mixing blades in a planetary mixer were causing considerable downtime and cost in a high production concrete slab plant. Mixer performance and product quality suffered unless blades were constantly adjusted and replaced.

Our Solution:

UltraTungsten carbide protected mixing blades

The Improvement:

OEM mixing blade, replaced every 12 weeks

UltraTungsten blade, still operational after 140 weeks

  • OEM Blade
    Replaced every 12 weeks
  • UltraTungsten
    Still operational after 140 weeks

Project Details

Key features:

  • Extreme abrasion resistance


Cost Saving – spare parts expenditure reduced dramatically

Efficiency – less mixer downtime, more production

Safety – less confined space working

Product Quality – mix consistency maintained

Sustainability – worn blades can be rebuilt at low cost, less waste

Cleaning – less build-up so quick and easy cleaning

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