Weighing accuracy dramatically improved

HopperFix Weigh Hopper Breather

“HopperFix is such a simple product and yet it has made such a dramatic difference to the efficiency of my plant.  In terms of payback, it must be the best £50 I’ve ever spent” – Area Operations Supervisor

The Challenge:

A readymixed concrete plant was experiencing problems due to repeated blockage of the cement weigh hopper breather. Loss of venting was causing pressure in the system resulting in poor weighing accuracy, cement losses and slow feed rates. Replacing blocked bags causing high work load for the busy area fitter.

Our Solution:

HopperFix weigh hopper breather


Weighing accuracy and batch cycle times improved dramatically

  • Reliable
    High efficiency venting

Project Details

Key Features

  •  Reliable, high efficiency venting


Low cost no electrics or pneumatics
Profitability reduce cost per cubic metre
Quality more consistent quality concrete
Efficiency faster batching, higher productivity
Maintenance conducted by batcher, no need to call in fitter
Waste reduction in cement losses

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