Effective conveying of material is key to the overall production process, yet many of the problems associated with conveyors are often overlooked. Belt conveyors carrying aggregates and screw conveyors carrying cementitious materials are the arteries through which material flows. Disruption or poor performance at these points create bottlenecks which can severely effect the following processes.

Conveying via belts:

  • Boost efficiency through minimising lost product from the belt
  • Minimise both the frequency and impact of maintenance, increasingly availability
  • Reduce clean-up and dust, making belts safer for site staff


Conveying via screw feeds:

  • Boost productivity by achieving consistent, optimised throughput
  • Minimise effects of component wear, reducing maintenance and repair

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Starclean belt cleaner eliminates 40+ wheelbarrows of waste per week

Readymix producer installs Starclean across area, keeping more material within the process

  • 40+ wheelbarrows
    of waste eliminated per week
  • 72 working days
    estimated payback

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