How concrete producers can help drive the UK’s infrastructure ambitions


Infrastructure has always played a key role in driving growth and boosting productivity.

As such, the health of the construction industry is usually a fair bellwether of the UK economy.

So, when investment continues to flow into and across the sector, it’s usually good news for construction companies, developers and the wider supply chain.

Currently, there are some big infrastructure projects either underway or on the horizon which present major opportunities for concrete producers.

Construction on HS2 – the first new North-South railway in this country for over a century – is ongoing. The Government is also undertaking the largest road-building programme since the 1970s.

The National Productivity Investment Fund has been increased to £31bn, which includes a £1.7bn Transforming Cities Fund to boost local transport connections and reduce congestion.

And £11.5bn of funding has been set aside for housing, to build more homes in high-demand locations so that people can live near the best jobs.

The framework has also been put in place to ensure the country has the capability to realise these ambitions.

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) play a vital role in this respect.

The NIC was set up two years ago to think independently about Britain’s long-term infrastructure needs.

Meanwhile, the IPA has helped establish a strong track record of investment and delivery in this country, with more than a quarter of a trillion pounds being invested in infrastructure projects from public and private funds since 2010.

In that time, more than 4,500 infrastructure projects have been completed, while the IPA’s National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline sets out an estimated £600bn of further investment over the next 10 years.

With the Government’s ongoing commitment to boosting productivity to strengthen the economy, it’s clear that developing infrastructure will be a key part of achieving that aim.

Ensuring concrete production facilities are up to the challenge

Concrete producers have a huge part to play in bringing these ambitions to fruition and huge opportunities for the sector lie ahead.

For producers and plant operators, it’s all about getting into the best position to capitalise on the opportunities, and that’s where ConSpare can help.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we have provided support to some of Europe’s biggest infrastructure projects, including Hinkley Point C nuclear powerplant, and Crossrail.

Assessing the overall effectiveness of the concrete plant and understanding how the stages of the concrete production process interlink is key in delivering a productive plant that produces consistently high-quality concrete.

We combine industry-leading expertise and an in-depth understanding of the entire end-to-end process with market-leading concrete production equipment, to deliver continuous improvement.

Our ‘Make it better’ concept clearly demonstrates the role we can play in helping concrete producers to make their plants, processes and equipment better.

Upgrading an existing plant or specifying new – we can help

Whether you are upgrading an existing production facility or specifying a new plant, our innovative approach can deliver improved productivity, safety and product quality for concrete producers.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team is widely considered a leading authority on concrete mixing technology and batch plant processes.

We have a long history of retrofitting equipment to optimise the performance of existing plants, but we also work closely with batch plant manufacturers to build our high-performance equipment into new plants. Be it something as big as the mixer, or as small as the aerators mounted in the silos.

Furthermore, we’re the only company in the UK with market-leading expertise and products in every stage of the concrete production process.

‘Make it better’ utilises the expertise of our in-house process and product specialists to provide solutions to improve specific plant operations.

We recognise that different people face different problems, whether you’re looking to improve safety, reduce breakdowns and maintenance, or boost productivity and profitability.

So, no matter how you look at the plant, we can tailor the solutions we provide to suit whatever your task is within the business.

By looking at the plant through our customers’ eyes, we can deliver improvements which specifically address their individual priorities.

In short, we can help ensure your plant and your business is ready to capitalise on the huge infrastructure and construction opportunities that lie ahead.

To find out more about how we can help you make it better, get in touch today.

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