Health & safety priorities for the concrete sector – and how ConSpare can help you make it better


Concrete production can be a messy business.

During this year’s Precast Show the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) presented on how dust, vibration, heavy loads and confined space maintenance can all pose significant health and safety risks on the plant.

Plant safety, and the working environment created for staff, is a critical issue for site operators.

And although many parts of the concrete production process can be automated, it still relies on human interaction, and this is where the bulk of the risk lies.

This is where ConSpare can help.

We’ve developed our unique ‘Make it better’ concept to provide a transformational approach to concrete production and plant operations which results in, among other things, increased health & safety for additional peace of mind.

With more than 40 years’ experience of concrete production processes, we’ve worked on and provided advice to some of the largest construction projects in Europe.

Our understanding of the complete end-to-end process, combined with market-leading products and services, will help you to reduce potential safety risks and make your plant safer.

From resolving dust containment and hand-arm vibration issues to limiting the amount of risk-heavy or confined space maintenance your plant requires, our market-leading products and unrivalled expertise can help you create a clean, safe working environment for your staff and visitors.

We understand common safety issues and can help you identify the potential risks and what you can do to minimise them.

Interested in improving site safety? Get in touch today or take a look at a few examples of how we can help:

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