New Case Study: Eliminating 40+ Wheelbarrows of waste per week


We recently helped a Readymix producer keep more material within the production process by installing Starclean conveyor belt cleaners.

Effective conveying of material is key to the overall production process, yet many of the problems associated with conveyors are often overlooked. Efficient belt cleaning in particular is a long standing problem within the industry.


In our latest case study, an Operations Manager for a leading national readymix concrete producer was concerned at the high cost of waste on his plants. Whilst on one particular site he spotted a conveyor belt requiring the manual removal of 8+ wheelbarrows of carryback per day. By installing a Starclean belt cleaner we were able to reduce the amount of carryback by 40+ wheelbarrows per week!

Click here to read the full case study and find out how we achieved this.

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