New Partnership for Hydronix Calibrations


We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with weighing and calibration specialists, Norstrom Calibration.

ConSpare is pleased to announce a new partnership which further strengthens our on-site services offering for customers. In particular, for users of Hydronix microwave moisture measurement equipment.

We have partnered with weighing and calibration specialists Norstrom Calibration. Norstrom will provide calibration services for our range of Hydronix equipment which measures moisture content in aggregate bins. This includes Hydronix Hydro-Probe sensors and Hydro-View moisture display units.

The Norstrom team have received comprehensive training on Hydronix equipment and are available to provide aggregate bin calibration services for our Hydronix clients throughout the Midlands, the East of England, and the North of England.

Steve Peterson, ConSpare Engineering Director, commented:

“Hydronix is a key piece of equipment for many concrete plants across the industry. Keeping the kit accurately calibrated pays dividends in terms of maintaining concrete quality and reducing production costs over the long term.

It’s great to have the Norstrom team on board to provide this specialist calibration service, and we’re delighted to further enhance the support on offer for our clients.”

If you’d like to find out more about Hydronix and Hydronix calibrations, get in touch with the Capital Equipment Department via 01773 860796 (option 2) or

More about Hydronix

Hydronix digital microwave moisture measurement equipment improves the efficiency of concrete production. Accurate and reliable moisture measurement in both the raw materials and finished product offers many benefits:

  • Improve quality and consistency
  • Reduce the amount of waste / spoiled products
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Use raw materials and additives more efficiently
  • Reduce material costs and increase yield

Hydronix pioneered the microwave technique and has gone on to become market leader, globally and here at home in UK. The equipment is tried and tested with over 50,000 systems installed worldwide. Download our Process Improvers quick guide to see how Hydronix can improve your plant.

Bio: Norstrom Calibration

Norstrom Group Limited was founded in 1982 to manufacture, install and calibrate admixture weighing and metering systems for use in the concrete industry.


Over the next 30 years Norstrom expanded into industrial weighing installation repair and calibration services offering everything from a calibration contract for a single plant operator to national deals for multi-national companies such as CEMEX, Aggregate Industries and FCC Environmental, covering hundreds of sites based throughout the UK.

Norstrom pride themselves on their team of highly trained service/calibration engineers and support staff who work side by side with customers in order to provide them with a friendly, but highly responsive, breakdown and calibration service.

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