New – Walter RD3maX delivers even greater mixer cleaning


Walter Cleaning Systems set the standard for concrete mixer cleaning. They’ve now developed the RD3maX, taking cleaning performance in challenging applications to the next level.

Keeping concrete mixers clean is essential if they are to perform at their best over the long-term.

Throughout a production shift, concrete builds-up within the mixing pan / trough and onto mixing tools. Once hardened, this build-up is extremely difficult to remove and if removed manually, provides safety risks for maintenance staff. The build-up also prevents the mixer from mixing efficiently and reduces the service-life of wear parts.

Automated mixer washout systems were developed to keep concrete build-up to a minimum, and this preventative maintenance tool has helped keep mixers clean and staff safe.

Walter – Setting the standard for mixer cleaning

For twenty years, the Walter mixer washout system has set the standard for mixer cleaning within the UK and Europe. These automated high-pressure systems use patented RD3 rotating cleaning heads to remove the concrete residue, keeping the mixer exceptionally clean. With a quick, safe, automatic cleaning cycle, Walter mixer washout systems ensure your mixer continues to produce high quality concrete with less downtime.

Walter equipment continues to set the standard for cleaning effectiveness and efficiency, but this hasn’t stopped their engineering team from improving the system. They keep pushing the envelope to extract even more performance from the system, providing even greater cleaning results and reducing requirements for manual cleaning by operators. The has resulted in the latest addition to the range, the new RD3maX.

Next level Twinshaft mixer cleaning – New RD3maX

The new RD3maX cleaning nozzle further boosts the performance of the market leading Walter DAB cleaning system, increasing cleaning power by an extra 25% over the standard system. This makes it ideal for the most challenging mixer cleaning applications, including the cleaning of twinshaft mixers.

RD3maX takes cleaning results to the next level, resulting in an even cleaner mixer which further reduces manual cleaning requirements. Improvements of RD3maX over the standard RD3 system include:

  • Nozzles provide even greater cleaning focus over a longer distance
  • Increased working pressure of 120bar
  • More efficient use of power generated from DAB pump unit

This video shows the results from a 10min automatic cleaning cycle on a twinshaft mixer fitted with a Walter DAB mixer cleaning system featuring RD3maX.

RD3maX is available as an option on new Walter installations which utilise the DAB pump system. It can also be easily retrofitted to existing DAB Walter cleaning systems.

To find out more about RD3maX and how Walter can effectively clean your pan, planetary or twinshaft mixer, get in touch with our Capital Equipment Department here.

Work with ConSpare to improve the mixing process

Every piece of concrete batch plant equipment plays its part, but the mixer is undeniably the heart of the production process.

As demands on mixing equipment grow and mix designs become ever more complex, mixer performance plays a big part in the sucacess of the whole operation. Even small efficiency gains in this essential part of the process pay dividends many times over, which is why it makes sense to invest in the latest mixing technology and ensure it keeps operating at optimum levels over the long term, batch after batch.

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