New white paper – focusing on improving employee wellbeing on plants

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This week, at Hillhead 2024, we officially launched our second white paper on the topic of sustainability for concrete producers. This latest white paper focuses on improving sustainability for the people working within the concrete industry. And there was no better time to raise awareness with the launch coinciding with World Wellbeing Week.

Titled “The right mix: Addressing the “S” of ESG for concrete batch plants – putting people at the centre of investment decision-making”, our new white paper highlights the direct link between concrete batch plant performance and the wellbeing of site staff.

The report features feedback from the industry, firsthand accounts from plant supervisors and managers, and several case studies to illustrate the impact that a people-first investment and maintenance approach can provide.

The industry is championing social wellbeing improvements for its workforce, and we want to help accelerate the adoption of best practice to improve both the physical and mental health of workers, improving work-life balance, job satisfaction and overall happiness.

Our report demonstrates the practical solutions that can go a long way towards helping to address the challenges faced by the industry. So, find out more and download the free white paper by clicking here.

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