Moisture Measurement Aggregate Moisture Measurement. Hydronix Hydro-Probe

Aggregate Moisture Measurement. Hydronix Hydro-Probe

Hydro-Probe is designed to accurately detect aggregate moisture levels in bins, silos and on conveyors. Material flowing passed the faceplate is digitally read 25 times per second for excellent accuracy.

Direct digital connection to PC or Control System
Choice of installation options to suit all bin and conveyor applications
Configurable alarms can be set for ‘bin empty’ and ‘moisture too high’ levels


Video: Hydro-Skid


A range of products are available to complement Hydronix sensors. Including calibration software, digital sensor to control unit/pc interfaces and moisture displays. Wearing replacement parts are also available for all probes.

Video: Hydro-Skid

An alternative to the Hydro-Probe, Hydro-Skid

The Hydro-Skid is a mounting device designed to enable a Hydro-Mix moisture sensor to ride over the surface of flowing material on a belt conveyor. Measurements are then taken by the sensor as the material passes underneath. Contact us for further details.


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