ConeFlex solves chute cleaning conundrum


The problem

The Site Supervisor at CEMEX Widnes readymix plant was concerned with the build up in their steel discharge cone underneath the pan mixer, which was a major bottleneck interfering with the operation of the plant.

45 minutes manual cleaning of the chute was required each day using a pneumatic hammer to knock the hardened concrete off the cone, creating a potential hand-arm vibration risk to operatives.

Despite daily cleaning, the build up in inaccessible areas worsened over time, requiring intermittent hire of subcontractors to perform a thorough clean. This also required scaffolding hire to gain access and created a working at height risk.

If blocked, the mixer discharge chute becomes a bottleneck, jeopardising production and impacting on mixer operation.

Typical example of build up in steel discharge chute

How ConSpare found a solution

A ConeFlex abrasion-resistant chute liner was installed to line the steel discharge chute. The low friction ‘non-stick’ properties of the dual layer Hawiflex polyurethane improved concrete discharge and minimised build up, significantly reducing the cleaning time from four hours a week to just one and eradicating the risk of blockages at the mixer gate.

ConeFlex installation at CEMEX Widnes

“I’m really pleased with the installation of ConeFlex. After six years, it’s still operational, showing minimal signs of wear. The 75% reduction in cleaning time needed to maintain the discharge chute has been valuable and the productivity of our plant has increased.”

Paul Campbell, Site Supervisor at CEMEX Widnes.

ConeFlex chute liner solution with dual layer wear indicator

  • 850+ hours saved
    cleaning the mixer discharge chute
  • 6 years
    still operational and no adjustments

Project Details

In brief

• Leading readymix producer, CEMEX, spent 4 hours a week cleaning steel discharge chute under mixer
• Risk of build up reaching gate mechanism under the mixer and interfering with the operation of the door
• Installed ConeFlex to line the steel discharge chute

How we made it better

Productivity – Less downtime cleaning the discharge chute resulting in increased plant efficiency
Safety – Hand-arm vibration risk reduction from manual cleaning and reduced work at height
Quality – Consistent loading of truckmixers

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