Friflo and SPILL-EX Stops Spillage

“The Friflo impact cradle supports the belt and the SPILL-EX skirt sealing is very effective. They combine together really well and have transformed the performance of our conveyor, it has never worked better.”  Project Engineer

The Challenge:

A conveyor at an import terminal in a busy docks was causing problems. Challenging materials combined with poor loading point design resulted in excessive spillage and dust. An effective upgrade was urgently needed.

Our Solution:

SPILL-EX skirt sealing system and Friflo impact cradle

The Improvement:  

No more spillage, dust contained effectively

  • "Effective"
    No more spillage

Project Details

Key Features:

  • Segmented rubber blocks adjust individually to form effective seal
  • Impact bars support belt to maintain seal during loading


Efficiency – process runs smoothly

Safety – exposure to dust dramatically reduced

Maintenance – less downtime

Cost effective – belt protected for longer life

Environmental – wastage prevented

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