SPILL-EX is available in 3 different designs to match individual conveyor designs:

Light duty, limited headroom
Model BS or BR is extremely competitively priced. It is ideal for light duty applications with headroom of up to 100mm. Available in 1000mm lengths.

Medium duty
Model LPS is extremely versatile and cost effective in medium duty applications with headroom up to 150mm. Available in 1000mm lengths. Often used in conjunction with HDR rear skirt modules.

Heavy duty
Model HDS side skirts and HDR rear skirt modules are for the most arduous applications with high filling / transfer point loading and aggressive raw materials. Headroom of 200mm is required and modules are 1200mm long as standard. Simply cut to suit other lengths.


SPILL-EX operates as part of the overall conveyor loading system. In order to achieve optimum performance, other aspects of the loading system should be functioning correctly: belts should effectively supported under load points, tracked correctly and kept clean. We offer all of this equipment to ensure a comprehensive solution. Our expertise is freely available to help design a fully integrated loading system.

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