New problem solving wear parts launched for block producers using steel pallets

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Bringing the benefits of tungsten carbide vibration table liners to concrete block manufacturers using steel production boards for the first time

ConSpare has further expanded its range of Block Machine spare parts and components. Bringing the benefits of ConSpareUltra tungsten carbide vibration table liners to concrete block manufacturers using steel production boards for the first time.

We have introduced a new line of block machine vibration table liners, ConSpareUltra PLUS, which utilise a newly-developed compound variation of tungsten carbide that is highly resistant to both wear, and critically for the first time, breakage – courtesy of additional impact resistance.

The use of wear-resistant cemented carbide liners has previously been confined to block machines using wood or composite production boards. The new technology, which is available in the UK exclusively via ConSpare, can now be employed in the manufacture of concrete blocks on steel pallets as well.

The benefits of using the new table liners include prolonged service life, elimination of weekly adjustments, greater preservation of pallets, reduction in cost and enhanced quality assurance. Helping optimise a key piece of equipment within the production process.

ConSpare is one of the leading suppliers to the UK concrete industry, offering a comprehensive range of concrete production equipment and specialist spare parts. We have more than 40 years’ experience in solving concrete production problems.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers is widely considered the UK’s leading authority on combatting abrasive wear throughout the concrete production process. Over the years, we have provided expertise and support to some of Europe’s biggest infrastructure projects, including Hinkley Point C and Crossrail.

Darren Kershaw, Spare Parts Director, said:

“Our ConSpareUltra range of vibration table liners are site-proven for over a decade now, offering cost effective operation and the highest levels of abrasion resistance to block producers using wooden or composite boards. So, we’re delighted to now be able to provide these benefits to customers using steel boards too.

“The excellent wear characteristics help to cut block machine operating costs through low-maintenance long-life performance, and the particularly smooth low friction surface finish aids pallet flow.

“This combination ensures long service life, resulting in minimal adjustment requirements and improved end product consistency. It’s amazing how significant productivity and product quality improvements can be gained through such a small investment.”

Take a look at our range of vibration table liners and block machine components.

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