Filters And Filter Spares Original ConicalAir Filter Cartridges

Original ConicalAir Filter Cartridges

As sole distributor of the ConicalAir range of silo venting, hopper venting and mixer extraction filters, we stock unique original ConicalAir filter cartridges which offer superior cleaning performance and longer life in CS, CSA, CSV, CVF and CDX filter units.

The advantages of conical
ConicalAir filters are designed to incorporate conical cartridges. The conical design offers inherently better dust release characteristics, less re-entrainment and lower pressure drop than traditional parallel cartridges. These crucial elements are all key factors in the design parameters and performance characteristics of ConicalAir filters. Replacement with parallel cartridges is not recommended as performance will be impaired.

User friendly design
The clever, environmentally friendly two part construction with re-usable inner core allows independent replacement of media section only for lower running costs and environmentally friendly reductions in wastage.


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