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Starclean Belt Cleaners - Chevron Belts

Chevron belts are notoriously difficult to clean, causing considerable disruption, cost and waste through lack of a successful means of removing carryback. Traditional brushes tend to have limited success whilst air knife systems are expensive and cause environmental concerns. Starclean chevron belt cleaners have been developed to deal with this onerous challenge. A serrated finger scraper, made from flexible but abrasion resistant PU, offers good overall levels of belt cleaning. Different finger lengths / configurations are available to optimise cleaning.

The scraper blade is mounted in a standard blade base which can accommodate any of the modular range of mounting options. This versatility means we are able to offer the optimum choice of tensioning / adjustment unit to meet application requirements. In most cases we recommend the spindle mounting brackets due to their low cost, simplicity of operation, ease of installation and long term reliability.

Performance in this challenging application will depend upon cleat depth, material conveyed, belt condition etc. Although Starclean cleaning levels are very good, some residual material will inevitably remain where cleats meet the conveyor belt.



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