Mixers Teka THT Turbine Mixer

Teka THT Turbine Mixer

The THT is a mixing revolution. The unique MixTurbine design is optimised for use with premium concretes and the most difficult mixing tasks. The sweep of the MixTurbine generates a swing and throw effect, resulting in high intensity mixing with very little energy wasted ‘outside’ of the mixing process. THT is highly flexible, perfect for variable batch sizes and regular changes of product.

THT is ideally suited to the demands of; face-mix, fibre, foam, self-compacting, colour and ultra-high strength concretes.

To fully appreciate the MixTurbine mixing action, take a look at the THT video which includes an in-depth description of how the system works.

Video: THT Mixing Action


THT mixers are custom built to user specification in sizes 250 to 3000 litres.

Variable elements include:

  • Gearbox and motor drive system
  • Mixing pan diameter
  • Number of MixTurbine mixing tools

Video: THT Mixing Action

MixTurbine Explained:

The patent pending MixTurbine mixing tool combines two sweeping arms which generate a new ‘swing and throw effect’. The shape of the turbine mixing tool causes raw material to naturally accelerate across the face of the mixing arm as it rotates, powerfully sweeping the mix from one side of the pan to the other. Every full cycle of the MixTurbine around the pan causes maximum movement. This constant ‘throwing’ action has proven to produce a highly intensive mixing effect.

All mixing is done at ground level. Mix on the pan floor is swept across the pan, creating an empty space behind the MixTurbine arm, which is immediately filled as the upper layer of mix falls into the space left behind, using gravity to achieve the much sought after dual layer mixing effect. This plays a key role in minimising balling.

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