Mixer Discharge / Truckmixer Loading TruckFlex Truckmixer Charge Chute

TruckFlex Truckmixer Charge Chute

TruckFlex truckmixer charge chutes offer a unique solution to this troublesome, high maintenance area of the plant. The dual layer seamless sleeve combats both abrasion and tearing in tandem, reducing concrete based wear and failure caused by truck damage. Resulting in less replacement and plant stoppages.

TruckFlex is 6mm thick, making it up to 40% lighter than many traditional chutes for safer, simpler installation. High visibility colouring ensures better truck positioning and the bi-colour design acts as a wear indicator.

How TruckFlex is constructed:
2 different polyurethane compounds are cast into a mould to form a dual property, single construction sleeve.

The inner white layer. Highly wear resistant and flexible to minimise concrete related abrasion.

The outer red layer. Unparalleled tear resistance and an ultra-low friction surface reduce the risk of trucks damaging the sleeve.



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