Level Indication Vibratory Switch - VibraRod

Vibratory Switch - VibraRod

VibraRod vibratory level sensors provide point level detection of free flowing powders and granular materials. The vibrating probe principle of the VibraRod overcomes typical application difficulties associated with changes in material, electrical dielectric constant, temperature or humidity while providing reliable solid state electronic circuitry that requires no calibration.

The single rod design eliminates the potential problem of false signalling due to material build-up or clogging associated with “tuning fork” type probes.

Monitor level switches generate an alarm signal when the material in storage vessels reaches a predetermined high, low or intermediate level. They are suitable for use in silos, hoppers and bins containing free-flowing materials such as cement, cement substitute, grain, sand, animal feed, flour, powdered lime, plastic granules etc.

A comprehensive range of rigid tubular extensions to 3 metres long, or flexible cable extensions to 20 metres long, are available to maximise the number of VibraRod applications.


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