Aeration Equipment Solimar Aeration Fluidiser

Solimar Aeration Fluidiser

Solimar aeration fluidisers are the worldwide market leading powder discharge device. Invented over 45 years ago, the Solimar fluidiser uses a combination of aeration, directional airflow and gentle vibration, resulting in a powerful fluidising effect. Solimar fluidisers are also extremely easy to mount and maintain, particularly when used in conjunction with our novel mounting kits.

The Solimar fluidiser design has been perfected over the years, for maximum effectiveness and durability. It’s patented silicone disk has 2 unique benefits:

The silicone disk will not harden, crack or tear with use.
The disk lip seals tightly to the vessel wall, resulting in no material ingress under the disk and stronger aeration.

As well as the standard 100mm disk, a 50mm mini disk version is available for small hoppers and tight pipes.

External Mounting Kits
Video: Introduction to Solimar

External Mounting Kits

With our easy to use external mounting kits, maintenance and inspection are quick and simple. Use one of these solutions to reduce the amount of time you spend in silos and hoppers.

  • Fast-Fit: Cable based system, utilising a clever alignment plate and sealing washer.
  • Easy-In: A gasketed backing plate that makes it easy to get a good seal on poor surfaces.


Video: Introduction to Solimar

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