Mixer Discharge / Truckmixer Loading ConeFlex Concrete Discharge Chute Liner

ConeFlex Concrete Discharge Chute Liner

ConeFlex conical liners minimise build-up in mixer discharge chutes to keep concrete flowing and eliminate blockages. The ‘non-stick’ properties of ConeFlex resist concrete adhesion, which vastly improves concrete discharge and makes cleaning simple and safe.

The durability of ConeFlex ensures low-cost operation over the long-term, protecting chute steelwork from damage and minimising ongoing maintenance requirements. The Hawiflex® polyurethane formula is resistant to wear, UV, standard cleaning agents and mould oils, and the strong seamless design eliminates the need for a glued joint.

ConeFlex is light-weight, easy to handle, and can simply be dropped into place for effortless installation.

Video: Cleaning ConeFlex
Chute Designs

Video: Cleaning ConeFlex

Maintaining the liner typically only requires a brief rinse down with a lance to uphold effectiveness.

Chute Designs

Suitable for both symmetrical and offset conical chutes

ConeFlex liners are 10mm thick and are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit for each application. Liners can be made for both standard symmetrical chutes and offset chutes. The symmetrical liner can also be rotated as wear affects the impact zone, increasing service life by up to three times.


Alternative installation method – Chute replacement

Alternatively, for new installations, ConeFlex conical liners can also simply be mounted in a light-weight supporting framework to act as a chute in its own right, doing away with expensive, heavy outer steelwork.

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